1 item, 3 outfits with Nora Blazer

Nora Blazer

3 outfit options with the same item, to wear in different occasions:

The Nora blazer is a versatile item and you can wear it as a shirt, top or blazer.

Try wearing the Nora blazer inside your jeans, like a shirt. You can even cross it ahead, to give it a different effect. Wear a belt or a scarf as a belt – we suggest the Camila scarf.
Wearing the Nora blazer with its belt is another option to achieve a different outfit with the same garment. The belt is already included when you purchase the blazer. You can use or not a top underneath, as you prefer. The Sara handbag looks amazing in any look. And if you prefer a pair of high sandals, they also look beautiful here.
A versatile garment is one that we can easily wear on different occasions and with completely different accessories. The Nora blazer looks great with flat shoes, high heels and also sneakers – it all depends on your style, it is an item that adapts very well to different situations. Here the suggestion is a more comfortable and relaxed outfit, but without losing elegance. Coordinate with the Diane scarf and wear it around your neck or hang it in your bag.